Would virtually unbreakable doors help you and your family to sleep safe at night?

Virtually unbreakable security doors from multisecure.

What’s your number one priority when it comes to you and your family?

Most Australians would say staying safe and secure.

And safety begins at home.


That’s why super-safe Prowler Proof security doors are one of the best investments in your home you can make.

We’ve helped to keep hundreds of homeowners like you safe and secure with our range of attractive Prowler Proof doors.

Now you can feel safe too because:

  • The marine-grade stainless steel ForceField® mesh is welded on – so it’s more secure than screws or rivets (and it gives the door a stylish look)
  • The mesh is bonded chemically and mechanically with the heavy-duty aluminium frame…
  • … making the door virtually unbreakable
  • And it comes with a 3-point locking system complete with a 25-year mechanical warranty

So the doors should be more than a match for even the most skilled burglars.

 Prowler Proof doors are Australia’s only doors with a welded security screen.


The doors are custom-made for you in a number of different finishes. So you’ll have the best-looking doors on your street.

And this quality doesn’t cost as much as you might think..

The doors are built to last. They come with a 10-year replacement warranty – another reason why they’re the cost-effective option.

At MultiSecure, we’ve been helping customers like you to feel safe in their homes for more than 35 years.

We believe these doors are the safest and most stylish on the market.


And it’s easy to find out how you can get bespoke Prowler Proof doors made for your house.

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