Feel instantly safer with high-definition CCTV cameras that film crisp, clear images

The Australian Institute of Criminology has noted international research findings – based on 41 studies – that CCTV has “a significant, desirable effect on crime”. CCTV technology has improved significantly since that research was carried out.

At multisecure,we’ve been helping customers like you to feel safe in their homes and businesses for more than 35 years.


And now we’re offering you cutting-edge internet protocol (IP) cameras, which film in 1080p HD video quality.

Unlike the analogue CCTV used in the studies, these 3 megapixel cameras make people caught on them easily identifiable.

We only deal with Hills IP CCTV series technology because we believe it’s the best on the market.

As well as their cameras, we stock Hills network video recorders (NVRs) that record images on a pre-installed 3TB hard drive – enough to store a lot of footage.


And this quality doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

With our CCTV technology you can:

  • Enjoy feeling safer
  • Provide valuable clear footage of any incidents to police
  • Put off burglars when they see your CCTV cameras
  • Keep an eye on your home and business by remotely viewing your CCTV images on a smartphone or other device
  • Easily get started with “plug and play” set-up.


It’s easy to find out how you can get the perfect CCTV set-up for your home or

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